December 20, 2010

This piece was installed at Area 405 in Baltimore, Maryland. It consisted of backless picture frames suspended from the ceiling of the venue.  Viewers were in a constant close examination of 405 and its occupants.  This highlighted the seemingly mundane space that is often over looked or covered up for the artist’s idealization. However, as artists we are inspired by the world around us, and attempt to boil down what is going on to some sort of unbiased reality. This piece latches onto that reality, and unifies the artist’s inspiration and her final artwork. Each frame displays the viewer’s experience as the work of art, for if we are trying to get to some truth out of what is around us, what is more pure than that which is right in front of us?

This piece was inspired by my recent writing, in which I record everyday something I observed. Our lives are mundane and repetitive. We only have so much control of our surroundings (including our environment, other people and their actions). The one thing that we can control is our outlook. If only we could look at our surroundings with a fresh eye, with an eye that appreciates the smallest little wonders. It is through these small mundane things that we understand the larger pictures – we learn best through relating that which we don’t know to that which we already know. These little wonders are essential lenses in which we can find both joy and meaning. This piece literally framed little wonders for the viewer in frames that moved, enabling the viewer to look at his surroundings from many different points of view, as oppose to the common apathy we have for our surroundings.